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Packing up a life


Today, I’m packing. Not the kind of packing I’ve been doing lately to travel. I’m packing up my house in preparation for moving to a new place. The real difference is that this new place is just for me, because my marriage of 21+ years is ending. I am a very private person, and sharing this online was not my first inclination. But when I decided that I needed to share it, I spent days, and much ink, trying to say it in just the right way. To say it in some poetic way that perfectly summed up all the battling emotions – the despair and the spark of possibility, the grief and the growth, the waves of bafflement and the bright shards of clarity. And I was getting nowhere and not making a lot of sense. And that’s because I’m still in the process, in the process of separating from who and what I thought would make up the rest of my life, and many parts of my life aren’t making a lot of sense right now either.
But I do know this much: I know that there are two things that are largely responsible for helping me get through this very disorienting process in a way that is not just surviving something I thought could never happen (and if it did, that it would be the end of me), but also finding a way to truly grow and thrive in the experience. One is my intuitive painting practice (the same that I teach here at Painted Crow), the other is making a point of regularly connecting with female friends.
And this is why I needed to share. Because I want to make these healing practices available to other women who are also experiencing, or have recently experienced, uncoupling from a major relationship. So this fall I will be adding another Creative Flight class time that is specifically for these women to gather in a safe space to connect with each other, and to reconnect with themselves and their creativity through the practice of intuitive process painting. A new Painted Crow schedule is in the works (between packing and unpacking boxes and re-creating my life) and is coming very soon, so stay tuned. If you have any questions, please email me at



  1. Thank you for sharing – I too am going through a similar experience and painting does help. Remember : don’t ask why they left ask what beauty will you create in the space they no longer occupy Sending you love and light.

  2. Dear Angela,

    Thank you. I am touched that you have shared about this difficult transition. I have a challenging marriage and I am finding more and more that the support I receive from engaging my art processes helps me to metabolize whatever is happening in my life into something not only digestible but even nourishing. I am so encouraged to hear about you and other women who are also on the path of using creativity to cultivate the courage, stamina, surrender and trust that it takes to move through life.

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