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Creative Power in the Chaos

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Creative Power in the Choas

This afternoon I was sitting in the studio with my most recent intuitive painting (see image above). When I have the room, I often leave them up for a day or two after completing them to let their energy continue to fill the space. And sometimes, as is the case with this one, they have more wisdom to impart as well.

When I first completed it, I remember just thinking, “Chaos, that just looks like chaos.” My life has been rather chaotic lately, so I thought maybe that was that. But I noticed that rather than feeling painful and anxious, the energy emanating from it was full of power and creation. This made me realize that maybe it’s just a matter of attitude whether it’s chaos or creative power.

As I move forward in recreating my life, I choose to embrace the CREATIVE POWER that resides within the CHAOS. There’s a lot of power there.

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