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Embracing the Storm



We here in the Pacific Northwest are facing what, by all reports, is a pretty strong series of storms. And as I sit here and watch the rain and the wind from my new home, in my new life, I find myself reflecting on other types of storms (like the Chaos I mentioned in my last post). Also in the mix this weekend is a special, and powerful Full Moon. According to everything I’ve read about it, it’s full of the power to aid you in releasing the old story, the pieces of your story that hold you back. It’s also about the power of embracing and living into the new.

And as the wind picks up, I see that reflected in the storm as well. It’s a little scary. It could get dark and messy and uncomfortable for a while. But it’s somewhat exhilarating, and somehow refreshing too. Like it’s wiping the slate clean for a new beginning.


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